Casting Call – Dumpster Diver the musical

Casting Call – Dumpster Diver the Musical

Are you an actor, actress, or do you want to be one? Can you sing? Can you dance? Can you move around while singing?

I need you!

I’m casting for my new musical, Dumpster Diver the Musical.

This is for non-union. It is non-paying.

Join our cast for Dumpster Diver the musical
Be part of something new and cool. Be part of Dumpster Diver the musical, a new musical about following your dreams, no matter how unconventional. A new musical about friendship, adventure, and dumpster diving.

Dumpster Diver the musical – the edge is where you get the best view

About Dumpster Diver the musical
This musical tells the story of Trevor, a conventional software engineer, and Faith, a nomadic, dumpster diving activist. After they graduate college, they head their separate ways. Four years later, their worlds collide, and Trevor is forced to make a decision: Continue living his comfortable life as a software engineer, or abandon his creature comforts, and go on the adventure of a lifetime. What happens next? Find out in the coolest new musical, coming soon.

Here’s the roles that I am casting for …
Dumpster Diver the Musical
follow your dreams, no matter how unconventional
book/music: Kris Kemp
ph: 347-557-5487

Please read everything carefully. If you feel you are suited to portray one of these characters, submit. If you know someone suitable, let them know about this. Thank you. – kris


note: All of the casts must be able to sing, harmonize, and memorize lines. The main characters carry the weight of this musical, as they have the most lines of speaking dialogue and singing. The supporting characters are important, too, as chorus singers and to provide stimulating interaction visually. The age ranges in the parenthesis are not set in stone. They are provided as an indication of the age that you need to look like to play the role. If you are 40 and look like you can play the role of a 30 year old, submit. If you submit for this musical, please be serious. Be committed. Be dedicated. Be enthusiastic.

Lead Roles

Trevor: (male, 20 – 30, caucasion) Trevor is the software engineer who leads a conventional, comfortable life, but longs for adventure. He wants the risk and uncertainty that comes with the unexpected, but is apprehensive about making the decision to abandon his creature comforts. In this way, he is at odds with himself. This is a major role. Involves lots of singing and memorizing lines.

Faith: (female, 20 – 30, caucasian) petite, short-haired girl, combination of hippie, activist, traveler. She is cautious and adventurous, doesn’t trust people but trusts animals and her own instincts. Must be willing to cut hair short and dye it blonde, or wear a short blond wig. This is a major role. Involves lots of singing and memorizing lines. Her character has a depth of emotion. If you’ve traveled or lost someone special in your life, this will be useful in this role.

Shelby: (male, 50 – 70, any race) the professor, doctor, who is, initially Trevor’s “technology” teacher in college, then later becomes the vice president of SORL pharmaceuticals and on the board of Angelwire industries. Although he has good intentions in the beginning of the musical, he is, later, seduced by money, so he has this dark side that he eventually caves into.

supporting characters:

Eli: (male, 45 – 75, any ethnicity) the reluctant leader of the DLF (Dumpster Liberation Front), a group of dreamers, drifters, artists, activist who inhabit the warehouse space where he’s been living for the last 10 years. He is spry, alert, articulate, laconic, very smart, quietly stubborn.
Melody: (female, 18 – 30, any ethnicity) short-haired girl with glasses, narcoleptic poet, member of the DLF

Jonchaub: (male, 23 – 35, any ethnicity) skinny scruffy type, facial hair. Although he’s mistaken for a hipster, he is not the poser hipster you see on the L train (NYC subway train that is usually ridden by hipsters). This guy is authentic. He’s a reader. There’s something about him. He has a presence. Originally, he was going to be a Greek orthodox priest, studied with them, then, went into woods to fast and live in seclusion, where he had an epiphany. Now, he’s living with the DLF.

Sophie: (female, 18 – 25, any ethnicity) eccentric, abstract painter.

Dumpster Fairy: (male or female, any age, any ethnicity) This guy or girl has a fun role. Essentially, they float onto the stage, while smoking an herbal cigarette, and say silly quotes like the kind of quotes you see on those “Yogi” tea bags. This is minor but fun role.

Meghan: (female, 20 – 40, caucasian) pretty girl who is an assistant for Shelby.

Erin: (female, 20 – 30) Trevor’s girlfriend, and the daughter of Shelby. She cares about Trevor but wants him to conform to her interests. She is somewhat materialistic. She thinks she knows what is best for him.

Art: (male, any age, any race) Trevor’s co-worker
If you have any questions, email me at: