Dumpster Diver the musical performed at wedding in Canada

Note: This article was written in 2012. A few things have changed since then, which I will be alluding to in the article with links to updated and current news.

About Dumpster Diver the musical
I completed the lyrics, score (music) and book (script) for Dumpster Diver the musical in 2008. Since then, I’ve posted the music online, sent query letters to theaters looking for new musicals, in the hope of getting this musical staged and produced. So far, my efforts in getting interest from a theatre have proved fruitless. There has been and is, however, interest in the musical from people who’ve seen the website, listened to the songs, and watched the videos.

Take it to the Streets
My good friend Meghan Hurley suggested that I just take it to the streets, passing out CD’s, stickers, putting up posters, making it go viral. I think she has the right idea, after my conventional pursuits have not gotten results.
Dumpster Diver the musical performed at wedding in Canada

Encouragement Comes
Along the way to promote the musical, there’s been encouraging moments that indicate I should continue forging ahead to get this musical seen, heard, and experienced. One such moment came in the form of an email.

A college graduate and avid dumpster diver, Julianne, a recent college graduate, e-mailed me, telling me that he dumpster dived throughout Australia and Canada and the United States, all the while pursuing his master’s degree. He said that he heard about the musical online, went to the website, and loved the songs, and loved the idea for a musical about dumpster diving.

He went on to say that he had recently graduated and had gotten a job where they paid him much more than he needed to be paid. Then, he asked how he could help with the musical. In a reply email, I thanked him for his encouraging words and told him he could help with the musical by 1. making a donation and 2. helping me find a stage, theatre, space to stage the musical.

He sent another email, saying that he had made a donation to the musical and he asked me if he could perform a song from the musical at his upcoming wedding and, if so, could I send him the chords and lyrics. I thanked him for his donation and told him I’d be honored if he played a song from Dumpster Diver the musical at his wedding. I attached the lyrics and chords and sent them to him.

After this, I did not think too much about it, as I did not expect him to sing a song about dumpster diving at a wedding, his wedding, in Canada.

An encouraging email
Some time later, I receive an email saying from Julianne, saying that he and his fiancé, both who dumpster dive, had gotten married and acted out a song from the musical. He said he would send pictures. Then, emailed the pictures. I actually did not believe that he would do this. I was so touched when I saw the pictures, that I cried a little.

It’s encouraging, massively encouraging, to know that a song that I wrote was discovered by a Canadian engineer and dumpster diver who liked it enough to play it, and act it out with friends, at his wedding in Canada.
Pictures of Julianne, his fiancé, and friends performing a Dumpster-Diver-the- musical song at his wedding in Canada

If you want to be an encouragement, help me find a place to stage it and buy the mp3s from the musical by visiting this link or visiting this link.
Here’s a picture that Julian emailed me of one of his dumpster scores:

Get A song from Dumpster Diver the musical

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