“I feel aliver” – music video

Here’s the music video for “I feel aliver” the theme song from “Dumpster Diver the musical. Also, here’s a music video of the live version of the song, which we performed at Longboards in West Palm Beach, Florida, a few days before I moved to Brooklyn, New York, in 2012.

Official video of “i feel aliver” – Dumpster Diver the musical

“i feel aliver” – extended video with actual food we dove from the dumpster

“i feel aliver” – live music video

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Dumpster Diver the musical

Dumpster Diver the musical

Dumpster Diver the musical

Dumpster Diver the musical

Dumpster Diver the musical

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Dumpster Diver the musical

Dumpster Diver the musical

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A musical about dumpster diving?

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A musical about dumpster diving?

This musical tells the story of two college friends, Faith, a nomadic hippie, and Trevor, a computer geek, who, after graduation, head their separate ways. Three years later, they re-meet. Faith confronts Trevor with startling information that forces him to make a life-changing decision. Will he continue on with his comfortable life as well-known software engineer, or abandon his current career and go underground, to help shut down the company he works for? Find out what happens in this exciting new musical about following your dreams, no  Dumpster Diver the musicalmatter how unconventional.

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Kris Kemp
writer/composer/composter: Dumpster Diver the musical