About Us

Hi. I’m a writer, musician, producer, and wrote the book (script) and score (music) for “Dumpster Diver the musical”. To find out more about them musical, visit: www.DumpsterDiverMusical.com

Dumpster Diver the musical tells the story of two friends, Faith, a nomadic, hippie activist, and Trevor, a computer enthusiast, who graduate college and head their separate ways. Four years later, they re-meet. When Faith challenges Trevor about the mission of the technology firm that Trevor works for, Trevor is faced with a decision: Continue working at his well-paying job, or put himself at great risk by abandoning his job, joining Faith and her friends at the Dumpster Liberation Front (DLF) to expose the company for what it is, in order to shut it down. Find out what happens in this fun musical about following your dreams, no matter how unconventional.


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